Easecrete Concrete With Ease


Holcim Singapore is pleased to introduce Easecrete - an innovative solution to ordinary concrete of self-compacting characteristics based on an optimized mix-design, having low cementitious content and the use of 4th generation admixtures. It tackles the problems of conventional concrete production that is laborious, time-consuming and noisy from manual compaction work with the use of mechanical vibrators.

Easecrete is the solution Holcim Singapore has developed in respond to the higher productivity and compability that Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has been encouraging the construction industry since April 2010. Please see our profile in Build Smart publication by BCA.

Efficient placement with better quality
Easecrete does not require any vibration. Besides shortening placement duration by 25% and reducing noise level by 21%, it is cohesive mix with no segregation and thus resulting in greater consistency and reliability.

Now in Singapore where aggregates come from a few sources, Easecrete increases the robustness of concrete mix due to quality variation in aggregates.

Due to its low viscosity and long slump retention, Easecrete has no bleeding, and voids and honeycombing in concrete are prevented. It leaves an excellent surface finishing.

Low cementitious content
Unlike traditional self-compacting concrete, Easecrete is composed of less cementitous materials, and thus making it environmentally friendly and affordable.

Less manpower required
Easecrete can be done by 1 worker instead of 3-5. This speeds up the construction process by 46% and reduces overall construction time and material costs including 29% of manpower savings, and chance of human error that is likely to occur in every construction project.

Flexible applications
This special concrete is developed having its unique advantages over other types of concrete which make it used more easily for heavily reinforced foundations, difficult to vibrate sections and other related specific needs. It can be easily pumped over higher and greater instances than other normal self-compacting concrete. Moreover, it has greater flow rate of concrete mix than normal concrete mix and, therefore, it allows greater freedom and flexibility in structural shapes and design.