Bagged cement


Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

OPC is the most widely used cement and has been the traditional choice for concrete production, masonry, and grouting works.

In the manufacturing of Lafarge OPC, the proportioning of raw materials is strictly controlled at all stages, with regular physical and chemical testings to ensure the cement matched the the requirements in SS EN 197-1:2014 requirements. Lafarge OPC is packed in 50 kg bag.


PHOENIX Portland-composite Cement

PHOENIX is a blended portland-composite cement. It comprises of well-mixed OPC and other carefully selected secondary cementitious components (pozzolanic materials, fly ash, and other constituents permitted under SS EN 197-1:2014).

Just as OPC, PHOENIX is suitable for all general purpose usage for concrete and masonry. The unique cementitious composition of PHOENIX improves its compactibility, cohesiveness, as well as the surface finishes. PHOENIX is packed in 50 kg bag.

PHOENIX has lower carbon footprint compared to conventional OPC due to the inclusion of alternative cementitious cementitious material in its composition. It has been certified as green building product (two ticks) by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).


Sulfate-Resisting Cement (SRC)

The Sulfate-Resisting Cement (SRC) is a special portland cement that is resistant to sulfate attack that will cause concrete to cracks.

SRC should be used for areas where sulfate is existin in the surrounding soil, ground water, or sea water, and areas where the structure is exposed to hydrostatic pressure. Few applications that may be subjected to sulfate are: foundation, sewerage, pipelines, industrial compound.

Lafarge SRC conforms to the BS 4027. It is packed in 50 kg bag. 


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