Vertical Garden In Dense City


The Gardens by the Bay development aims to create a tropical garden in the heart of downtown Singapore. A central feature of this project is the construction of a number of Supertrees–large, tree-like structures which will be planted with flowering climbers, orchids, and ferns– with striking visual effect. Holcim Singapore is partnered to supply sustainable and productivity enhancement concrete solutions to make this arresting vision a reality.


Project overview

The National Parks of Singapore (NParks) has erected a landmark for sustainability that took the world’s attention with its Gardens by the Bay. To realize the commitment to create a beautiful tropical garden city, the site occupies a total of 101 hectares of prime waterfront land. From the outset, a concerted effort was made to plan and design for sustainable energy and water use, which further extends into a sustainable web that incorporates flora and fauna diversity.

The park is divided into 3 areas, and the main highlight, known as the Southern Gardens, is opened to public since June 29, 2012. This area took up half of the complex (54 hectares), designed by UK architectural firm’s Grand & Associates. The Southern Garden, features conservatory biomes, a lake system, and a ‘Supertrees’ grove.


Supertrees are a collection of 18 man-made structures 25 to 50 meters high (9 to 16 storeys), located in three separate clusters within the gardens. Each Supertree is designed as a vertical garden that would be planted over with ferns, orchids, climbers and other exotic plants. The wide overhanging canopy provides a platform for photovoltaic array of solar panels, highlighting the sustainability feature that the Supertrees operations are self-supported. The tallest 50-meter Supertree houses a bistro at the top and there is also a 128-meter long aerial walkway suspended at a height of 22 meters linking the two 42-meter Supertrees for visitors to enjoy an aerial view of the Gardens.

Special structure, special concrete
The development of Gardens by the Bay adopted the position of sustainable technology and environment, therefore ‘Holcim Green’ concrete gained an favourable stature in the project. Since January 2009 Holcim has delivered about 80,000 m3 of concrete to the whole Gardens by the Bay project. Of this, approximately 10,000 m3 are special value-added solutions.

The project used two concrete solutions under 'Green' category (concrete using recycled or alternative materials), namely 'Holcim Green', the structural concrete with partial replacement of natural sand with washed copper slag (WCS), a waste material from shipyard industry; and 'Holcim Green SL', a high-density concrete produced with ground-granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS), a by-product of steel industry.

Holcim shares the pride to have its innovative solutions as part of Singapore’s national landmark and sustainability icon. It is an honor to collaborate with partner like NParks who appreciates and helps the realization of full potential of sustainable and other innovative solutions.


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