Katong Point Expanding Alternatives For Alteration Projects


Addition and alteration (A&A) projects are common items on the plate of architects and developers given the condense development of the Singapore. The major challenge in A&A project is to implement all of the new elements into the projects, with the restraint of the building’s existing foundation.

Concrete is usually the least thought element to solve this issue, as it is perceived as rigid structural material. However, in this aspect, Holcim has developed a structural lightweight concrete for building renovation that requires lower structural load. With lesser constraints on structural loads, architects and developers could carry out A&A works that were previously presumed impracticable.

Katong Point in Joo Chiat Road was in need to extend its existing reinforced concrete slab for the installation of escalators on every floor of the building as part of the building upgrade.

One of the challenges was to ensure that the additional structures are built with minimum dead load in order not to exceed the load bearing capacity of the existing building foundation.

Holcim’s structural lightweight concrete was used in the project to cast the concrete slab extension for the escalator placement and more gross floor area of the building.




The top surface of lightweight concrete was kept broom-finished to receive screed, new tiles, and carpet finishes, without hacking of the existing slab.

With minimum dead loads, lightweight concrete gives more options for additions and alterations on the structural elements of the building.






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