Performing excellence along the value chain

29 June 2009

Holcim (Singapore) takes pride to receive a Bronze Awards of Holcim Global Commercial Awards in the mid of 2009. The Global Awards reward best practice in one of the core competencies -successful commercialization of our products along the Holcim Value Chain. The Competition is open for teams or individuals who have launched or own a commercial initiative that was developed and implemented within the last five years and is still operational and value adding. The 5 criteria were used to judge the entries: customer orientation, innovation, value creation, sustainability, and transferability.

Holcim Green and Holcim Supercrete are the reasons Holcim Singapore has the right to win the Awards. These two products address Singapore's long-lasting problems with aggregates supply. In addition, Holcim Supercrete is a high strength concrete that enables builders to reduce the size of concrete elements and allows for higher building speed. Both projects are commercially successful and with the bestowed Green Label, Holcim has built reputation as a company that values sustainable development and construction.

In this main category of "Excellence along the Holcim Value Chain", the Gold award is given to Holcim Germany for developing, producing, and applying a special salt concrete to stabilize cavities of a former salt mine in Morsleben, Germany. The Siver goes to Holcim Costa Rica for their Integra Construction System. This innovative solution for house building that offered better value in terms of waste, labor productivity, and safety to its customers and helps improve the image of concrete masonry in general. There are two other award categories in the event. The " Excellence in Channel Management" Award 2009 goes to Minetti in Argentina for its Red Minetti initiative, while the "Next Generation" Commercial Awards 2009 goes to Holcim Belgium Netherlands for its project Cirkelstad in recycling concrete.