Leading by example at Asia Pacific's Most Prestigious Awards for Entrepreneurs

28 July 2009

At the recent Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2009, part of the famed Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, Holcim Singapore walked away with two awards. Placing sustainable development at the core of the business strategy proves that the company is not only able to enhance reputation but also set benchmarks for others to follow.

Holcim Singapore won the Green Leadership Award for the great leadership during the sand crisis in 2007 when the construction industry was hit hard by concrete supply disruptions. While others saw a problem, it saw an eco-opportunity and established Product Development and Technical Services Department to evaluate the use of Washed Copper Slag (WCS) to partially replace sand. "Holcim Green" was launched just a few months later, and received " GreenLabel". WCS in concrete is now well adopted in the local standard and commonly used in the industry. Building on that, we also started S$6.0million spent copper slag washing and processing facility of Geocycle Singapore Pte Ltd, a joint-venture entity with ecoWise Holdings Pte Ltd.

All of which due to the foresight of our Responsible Business Leadership Award winner, Dr. Sujit Ghosh. With his leadership, Dr Ghosh has taken Holcim Singapore on a journey in sustainable growth by placing emphasis on the triple bottom line. Despite the economic downturn, he refused sustainable development to take a backseat. Such is his strength, performance and passion - the qualities shared and practiced by everyone at Holcim Singapore.