Don't Mess with Us: Holcim ultra-high strength concrete in Channel News Asia

27 May 2014

Holcim ultra-high strength concrete 'Supercrete' featured in Channel News Asia 'Don't Mess with Us' program

Holcim Singapore was featured in Channel News Asia 'Don't Mess with Us' program on 22 May.


The program uncovers the stories of people, technologies, and companies that keep bustling Asia cities clean behind the scene. This particular episode highlights how Singapore manages 200,000 tons of demolition waste into recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and the emergence of high-strength concrete  to reduce the amount of demolition waste as concrete consumption is reduced.


Below is the excerpt about Holcim and its ultra-high strength concrete from the program:


Companies like Holcim wants to reduce the amount of cement being used in buildings. They have invented the concrete called the Supercrete or "super strength concrete".

Dr. Ghosh, the CEO of Holcim (Singapore) tells that using a stronger kind concrete would mean that less cement is needed to build. this could also translate to a reduction in demolition waste generated when time for building to be torn down. "This concrete is almost 4 times the strength a normal concrete. So when you use this you could actually cut down your concrete consumption, so your column could be leaner. The broader idea is if you use high strength concrete, you can reduce your concrete consumption by almost 50%."


 Other than Holcim, Kajima, a respectable customer of Holcim Singapore, is also featured for their OUE Centre project. 

 Full video is available here