Building materials company opens R&D centre (The Straits Times)

29 June 2012

SINGAPORE - Holcim Singapore, a subsidiary of Swiss building materials company Holcim, has strengthened its presence with the opening of a research and development facility.

The facility, known as the Centre of Excellence, is the first of its kind for the company in Asia.

Located at Icon, the International Business Park, in Jurong, it will host an exhibition room, laboratories for research and development, and training and seminar rooms.

The 6,000 sq ft facility cost about $500,000 to build and employs about 20 technical staff, including laboratory technicians.

Holcim Singapore develops and sells application-based drymix and ready-mix concrete, with an emphasis on sustainable construction.

The centre is an extension of Holcim Singapore's product development and technical services department, and its primary focus will be on research and development.

Dr Sujit Ghosh, Holcim Singapore's chief executive officer, said: 'With the new state-of-the-art development capabilities and the highly innovative workforce, we now have the infrastructure to accommodate our existing operations as well as meet the demands for ongoing growth.'

Holcim Singapore has more than five product patents pending.

Dr Ghosh said the centre will be used to testbed new products in Singapore before they are made available regionally, as well as market any new developments the company has.

'Going forward, I am certain there shall be many new solutions that shall be developed at this centre and shall be embraced by the building and construction industry, not only locally but also regionally, as truly value-adding,' he said.


29 June 12 | The Straits Times
by Lester Hio


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