A winning start for environmental excellence

28 July 2009

Holcim Singapore is the proud winner of the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award 2008/09. The recognition made possible by our deep passion for the environment - from truck drivers at plants to researchers at laboratories, everyone is committed in ensuring that this winning way will continue. According to the judges, Holcim Singapore excelled in these areas: resource recovery and conservation, pollution reduction and social cooperation.

Our relentless pursuit of environmental excellence has only just begun. We aim to continuously improve performance with the ultimate goal to serve customers to meet their needs without sacrificing the environmental quality.

In resource conservation, our R&D team found a novel way in turning "spent copper slag" to replace sand and produce concrete products bestowed with the prestigious seal of Singapore "Green Label". Over at our zero-discharged plants, we reclaim aggregates and water from the sludge in returning trucks - aggregates go back into production, water is used to wash trucks.

We reduce dust pollution by phasing out dry batching plants. Our output capacity experiences major increase by improving production efficiency. CO emission has been reduced by procuring the low emission Euro III/IV trucks and by reducing traveling time through a centralized distribution system.

The participation in global event Earth Hour and local outreach Flag Day for the Association for the Visually Handicapped, to internal projects like Eco-Office and Recycling Program showed our tireless social cooperation.

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Holcim also refers to the WWF Singapore website:
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