Who do we look for


Good business continues to grow over time, and to support that growth, we need a member of community to join us in our operations.

The company aims for long-term mutual success between of employees and the employer, and this could be achieved if we have a set of shared values:  

Customers We focus on Customers We need to know who our customers, end-users and influencers are – and listen to understand what’s important to them - what drives their business and what they value most. We need to be clear on what creates value for ourcustomers – and then innovate, differentiate and deliver on our promises with a creative mindset and curiosity We work cooperatively with others across the organization to meet the customer’s needs
Results We deliver Results We are committed to achieving goals with zero harm to people while focused on rigorous execution of our plans
  • We seek to innovate and to challenge the status quo to continuously improve and drive lasting value for shareholders
  • We deliver today in a way that generates strong cash returns and even greater results tomorrow
Integrity We act with Integrity We create an environment where honesty, trust and accountability flourish and where compliance and doing the right think is a lasting commitment
  • We have the courage to take the right decisions based on our ethical principles and to uphold them, even when under pressure
  • We apply the Code of conduct, local laws and ethics, in all situations
Sustainability We will ensure Sustainability We demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship and we will role-model responsibility to future generations
  • We proactively engage with various stakeholders to create shared value with society
  • We drive sustainable solutions through the entire value chain
People We will care for and respect our People, with openness, and inclusion
  • We always respect our people and empower them to reach their full potential
  • We build leadership capability that inspires and enables teams and individuals to succeed
  • We recognize and reward high performance and addresses underperformers in the right way
  • We display a mindset that is local and global – always seeking to collaborate and share ideas, resources and best practices
  • We actively seek out diversity, embracing different ideas, experiences and perspectives


Above all, Health & Safety is the overarching value of our corporate values:

  • We believe in visible leadership and personal accountability for Health and Safety at all levels and throughout the organization
  • Living by the Health & Safety rules is a condition of employment