Oliver Naef



I was attached to the Sales & Marketing section in Holcim Singapore for my internship from Zurich. As time wanted it to be, Holcim Singapore was in the beginning of its business process improvisation initiative when I started my internship. This gave me a unique chance to understand the business in thoroughly and quickly. Together with this initiative, we are also implementing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  The project was very exciting with an ambitious target to implement the CRM system with such short period of time and yet wide scope, covering all three business divisions (Ready-mix concrete, Drymix, and Conwood).


Next to my involvement in Sales & Marketing, I was also involved in with Operations department in solving pozzolanic materials quality issue. The Pozzolanic powder formed lumps and therefore caused a blockage at the discharge zone what prevents its full usage. With an investigation visit to our overseas supplier, we found out the root cause of the problem and implement the corrective action accordingly.


If people ask me what I have learned during my time in Singapore, I would tell them that it is more than about how to price a concrete, how to talk to customer, or how to sell and brand a certain product in general, but also a realization that anything that I learned and experienced during my previous internship experience eventually helping me to work and solve problems more efficiently.


I am sure to say that my internship with Holcim Singapore from October 2012 to February 2013 is priceless and that all the learning will help me to succeed in my further studies and working life.


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