In Sung Cho


In both my internship (May - July 2010) and my final dissertation, the topic I worked on was closely related to the overall subject of sustainability. As we all know, construction industry is widely known as 3-Ds: Dirty, Dangerous, and Demanding, but it very impressive how Holcim puts lots of effort to focus on sustainable development and maintaining relationships of mutual respect and trust with customers, employees and the communities in which it operates.

During this three-month internship, I was involved in three major branding activation events as well as other marketing and communication programs. I learned how to carry out the knowledge I learned in school into practice. Furthermore, I learnt about professional working manners and behaviors which are not taught in school or simply by reading books.

I greatly benefited from the attachment within both sustainable development and marketing & communications and feel that Holcim has helped me to realize which career path can bring the best out of me. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for welcoming and giving me the opportunity. It has been a very memorable and worthwhile experience.


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